Digitally Simulated Actuality


Space Engine Simulator configuration creates whole new category of digitally simulated realities with physical interactive environments, tangible digital polygons. Endless applications from Gaming and recreational, fitness and exercise, training and exploration, and specialized working environments. Inspired by StarTrek holodeck concept.

A large matrices can simulate a multi directional treadmill. A user is stationed at the top center of the matrix. When the user moves towards one direction, parts of the matrix around the user will move the opposite direction and reposition the user back to the original location. Modules can assemble into three dimensional shapes to simulate terrain and obstacles alone the Z axis while the matrix positions the whole terrain along X and Y axis, while repositioning the user back to center of the matrices(X=0, Y=0, Z=0). Forming and repositioning simulated terrain and objects, so the user can walk, run, climb, in the same spot. Simulate endless applications.


Play video games in a whole new dimension, with actual tangible polygons and geometry. Space Engine integrates with the game graphics polygon information and VR data to creates a physical 3D infinite plain to walk, run, jump, climb, crawl in any direction (north, south, east, west, up or down). Physically interact with game elements seen through VR goggles, not limited to terrain and items but simulate vehicles. While the Space Engine modules forms physical geometry like the frame and seats, other interactive elements like steering wheels and control pedals are placed as tool modules. This simulator technology is steps beyond concepts visioned in sci-if movies like ‘Ready Players One (2018 Spielberg)’.


Space Engine can simulate any type of walking, jogging, running, climbing interactive scenarios. Simply loading an app and a Space Engine will form to simulation any type of gym equipment. Including weight training, modules can use their own weight or their electromagnets to create resistance, adjust weights or change equipment with a simple tap.


Virtual exploration and adventures, Rock climb a remote cliff in New Zealand or Mars. Immersive interactive Movies & TV, Arcades and Theme Park experiences.


Create environments, scenarios and hardware for sports, skills and tasks training. Practicing your golf swing to professional sports training or hardcore military training.


Create dynamic filmmaking sets for movie, tv and stage productions. Simulate specialized work stations and labs, Space Engine can simulate a whole office building and the users can walk from one room to another, interact with other users and perform tasks. Remotely operate experiments, manufacturing or construction facilities in hazardous environments. Perform complex tasks in space at the safety and comfort of your home or office, instead of a space suit in the most hostile of environments.

Global VR/AR market $90.8 billion by 2020
Global Fitness equipment market $12.5 billion by 2021, CAGAR of 4%