Ruke Keragala

Digital Multimedia & Technology Designer

My passion is to create practical, long lasting emotional experiences through design. Understanding how end-users interact with systems and rethinking the fundamentals to create a connected experience through any kind of media (2D & 3D, motion graphics) is engraved in my DNA. I am not just a paint brush. I am a problem solver who brings a new visual perspective to any problem.


Innovative ideas, Creative solutions,
2D/3D Graphics, Photo-realistic rendering, Animation, Motion Graphics,
Presentations, UI/UX, Print Design, Web Design, Interactive Multimedia, Digital Video,
Product Design, CAD & technical drawings, 3D Printing.


3D Studio Max ; Vray/Mentalray, AutoDesk Inventor, e-on Vue xStream, InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, AfterEffects, Premiere, Acrobat. Final Cut Pro, ACID Pro / Sound Forge, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Keynote, Pages, Numbers, WordPress

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Create your own custom furniture designs for any living space. Tetran modules are repurpose for new functions or redesigned for alternate living spaces, there are endless color, finish, and material options to keep up with even the most rapid changes in style, and any damaged elements are easily and inexpensively replaced. The result is a beautiful, functional, versatile furnishing solution for everybody.

Space Engine is an autonomous kinetic platform with variable morphology. The self-reconfigurable robotic modules use directed movement to change their overall shape. Space Engine can adapt to new circumstances, perform new tasks, or recover from damage. The modules can generate force to manipulate their surrounding environment. Individual modules can move to desired positions and then lock together to form a rigid structure, eliminating the need for permanent structures, frames and walls.

Despite dramatic advances in parallel computing and cloud storage, most companies struggle to unlock the potential of their data on their own. Beacon Data acts as a guiding light to these companies, providing powerful machine learning tools and systems to unlock their data’s value.

Mezocliq is a cloud computing company backed by Guggenheim Partners. It offers an SAS end-to-end enterprise suite that is a generation ahead of the market in process functionality and analytics capabilities.

Typography and page design.

Product engineering, design & printing

+1 (407) 455 3706