Autonomous Home

Full automated kitchen could prepare custom meals to order, from your grandmother famous pot roast to famous cuisines around the world. Robotic washing system that can wash and clean anything from dinnerware, cookware, equipment and clothes. Anything can be washed, cleaned and reused, eliminating the use of disposable like plastic cutlery, paper napkins, Styrofoam plates and containers, etc. Cleaning robots can clean and maintain your whole house. Gardening robots can manage and maintain plants and vegetables, shovel/clean snow, wash and polish the car. All these tasks performed by the same Space Engine with different tool attachments and software apps.

Robots are far more reliable, dependable and safer than most human labor. Full autonomous homes maximize our most valuable commodity, time. It creates more free time for family, hobbies or personal projects.

Space Engine can be configured to form into any type of furniture like sofa, chairs, tables, beds, etc. Download the latest designs and customize to fit your living space. Create on demand living/working spaces, Bedroom can transform to a living room or study. New type of luxury hotels and apartments with highly customizable living spaces.

Global Household Appliance market $344 billion by 2020, CAGAR of 6.1%
Global Robot Chef market $13.4 billion by 2019
Global Luxury Furniture market $27 billion by 2020, CAGAR of 4.1%
Global Luxury Hotels revenue $194 billion by 2021