Industrial Robotics

Industrial Robotics

Advance robotics is a key part of the 4th Industrial revolution, the Smart Factory (Industry 4.0). Space Engine transforms industrial robotic to a whole new level, these next generation industrial robots will be powered by cloud-computing and cognitive computing to enable;

  • Fully-automated production and assembly
  • Zero down time with self-repair, self-service and self-maintenances
  • Rapid retooling & re-configuring, switching model production, today cars, tomorrow trucks
  • Mass product customization
  • Scalable multipurposing production lines
  • On-demand & low-volume production
  • MaaS: Machine as a Service

With scale able minimal footprint, factories can be located close to the point of demand, to quickly adapt to new trends and minimize shipping.

Robotic Farming

Farming is very systematic and repetitive, with process that can easily be automated. From all aspects of the growing processors to harvesting and processing. Robot farmers are Eco-friendly, saves water and protects the soil, eliminating chemical by targeting and removing weeds and pests, enabling mass organic cultivation with high production efficiency. Monitor individual plant, tree or fruit, and control harvest quantity and quality. The Space Engine eliminates the number to different equipment and machinery needed for different stages of farming.

Robotic Warehouses

Fully automated fulfillment services. Goods are stored, sorted, picked, packaged and shipped by a single highly scalable robotics eco-system.

Robotic Mining

Multi-purpose mining transformer robots, self-repairing and self-maintaining with no down time. On site material processing and refining.

Global Industrial Robotics market $87 Billion by 2025, CAGAR of 9.6%
Global Mining equipment market $156 billion by 2022, CAGAR of 7.9%.
Global Agriculture Robotics market $27 billion by 2023
Global Service Fulfillment market $5.56 billion by 2019, CAGAR of 9.8%