Space Robotics

Space missions are highly volume- and mass-constrained. Sending a robotic system that can reconfigure to achieve many tasks is far more effective than sending multiple robots that each can do one task. Remote operation of orbital factories, building and running experiments, constructing spacecrafts in space are all possible. Complex tasks in space can be performed in the safety and comfort of your home or office, instead of a space suit in the most hostile environments. Planetary explorer like MARS rover can be reconfigure for new missions and self repaired, or adapted to work in different terrains and environmental conditions. The matrices of the present invention can be used for building human habitats in space or on asteroids, moons or planets; for autonomous farming, cooking and cleaning; for robotic mining, refining and processing of raw materials, fabricating parts, constructing tools and machines, building cities.


Build a new generation of self-reconfigurable, self-repairing and self-maintaining, manned and unmanned spacecrafts. Robotic Servicing of orbit Satellites. Repair, service, maintain and upgrade, old satellites and other space crafts.

Planetary Exploration

A new generation of modular robotic surface rovers physically adopt to new situations like rough terrain or subterranean environments, with reconfigurable tools and self-repair capability. Space Engine modules can be configured into an scalable extended exo-skeleton for manned explorations.


Unmanned orbital laboratory comprised entirely of robotic modules, reconfigure to perform off-world research and development, controlled and operated remotely from earth, from the safety of your office or home. This infinitely scalable laboratory can remotely conduct any type of short/long term experiments, receive and dispatch payloads.


Resource Extraction

Autonomous robotic material mining of asteroids, moons and planets.

Resource Processing

Autonomous robotic processing of materials extracted from planetary objects to usable raw materials.

Orbital Manufacturing

Taking advantage of unlimited solar energy, zero gravity or variable spin gravity, vacuum pressure, extreme low temperatures, and autonomous robotic workforce to manufacture new products and goods in space. Eg. New materials, optical cables, computer chips, growing human transplant organs, growing food, etc.


Remote Construction & Assembly of self-sustaining Ships, Stations, Bases, Cities. Construct and operate human habitats with multi-functional living space, Infrastructure, Solar farms, autonomous farming and manufacturing, in space or on planetary body like asteroids, moons and planets.